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Creative Conversations

With over 19,000 subscribers, I make videos as AhsantetheArtist on youtube. There I help folks move consciously & creatively through life, with videos on personal development, social awareness, and life motivation. Here are a few of my favorites, watch more at

Hey, I'm Ahsante

Striving to move consciously & creatively through life, and to help you do the same

A Resolution To Be Selfish

It’s time for me to put self-care first

It's Time to Quit

Sometimes you have to just walk away

How to Be a Good Ally

5 steps towards Allyship: On Identity, Privilege, and Resistance

Surviving a Quarter-Life Crisis

How to face the reality of turning 25 freaking five years old

Traveling Alone as a Woman

Solo travel as a woman is hard, but growth doesn't come without a struggle

A Year Uncharted

Reflecting on the trek through education and looking forward to the uncharted adult years to come